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RJS Associates is a foodservice consulting firm whose goal is to help you maintain a healthy bottom line, or improve one that isn't. Whether you're operating a restaurant chain, a non-profit organization, hospital, school, or a food service of any size, we can add efficiency to the operation. This is what our service to the food service industry is all about.

We would like to reference RJS|Barber Associates, LLC. is the newly collaborative firm of RJS Associates and Theodore Barber & Company, Inc. After 18 plus years of collaborating together of various projects it was a natural progression to merge the two firms. The merger allows us to capitalize on our joint strengths and better serve our growing clients needs.

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RJS Consultants offers State of the Art Design Services
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RJS Associates employs the best CAD operators and uses State of the Art technology.
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RJS Consultants has been contracted to create this Corporate Dining Space in a 30+ year old building.
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